Telescopic Wire Brushes

Telescopic Wire Brushes

Master the art of brush playing.

Key Features

  • 5″ spread
  • Stainless wire bristles
  • Aluminium handle with soft rubber grip
  • Telescopic pull rod adjust brush spread
  • Fully retractable
  • Ring ends can be used for cymbal scrapes and effects


For drummers seeking to produce softer and more delicate sounds, the Premier Telescopic Wire Brushes are tailor-made for you. The 5” spread of steel bristles are perfectly balanced, and the retractable nature of these brushes enables you to reduce the spread, granting you control over both volume and tone. Ideal for jazz drummers, the comfortable rubber handles provide a firm yet comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue during extended performances.

The ring ends expand your range of sounds further, ideal for cymbal scrapes, different effects, or a harsher attack when needed. The consistent sound produced by these brushes adds a layer of finesse to drumming, making them an essential tool for drummers prioritising subtlety in their playing.


  • Telescopic

    Wire Brushes
    • Length: 14.8” / 375mm
    • Diameter: 0.43” / 11mm
    • Spread: 5″