Practice Pads

Practice Pads

Premier Practice Pads provide an authentic stick response, making them ideal for drummers looking to practice in any environment.

Key Features

  • Available in two sizes:
    – 8″ improves accuracy
    – 12″ easier for overall practice
  • 6mm thick authentic feel playing surface
  • Wooden base with non-slip backing
  • Resin ‘P’ badge
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Compatible with the Premier Accessory Stand (sold separately)


Enhance your playing and practice sessions anytime, anywhere, with a Premier Practice Pad. Available in either 8″ or 12″ sizes, these pads are an essential accessories for drummers of all skill levels.

Featuring a 6mm thick rubber playing surface, each pad delivers an authentic feel and realistic rebound, mirroring the experience of playing on an acoustic drum. The wooden base adds stability, while its reverse features a non-slip backing and an 8″ thread for seamless integration with the Premier Accessory Stand.

Showcasing a resin ‘P’ badge set within the rubber and finished in matching house red, these pads offer both style and substance. Their lightweight design allows for easy portability, making them perfect companions for drummers on the move.

Moreover, the Premier Accessory Stand (sold separately) accommodates both the 8” and 12” Premier Practice Pads effortlessly with its M8 thread. Weighing just 1.14kg, this lightweight stand is tailored for drummers on the move, with adjustable playing height ranging from 500mm to 855mm, ensuring a comfortable setting for refining paradiddles and rudiments at any location.

With a robust tripod design, non-slip rubber feet, and ergonomic Premier wingnuts, the Premier Accessory Stand perfectly complements each practice pad.


  • 8"

    Practice Pad
    • Size: 8″
    • Weight: 0.78kg
    • Connection Thread: M8 (8mm)


  • 12"

    Practice Pad
    • Size: 12″
    • Weight: 1.42kg
    • Connection Thread: M8 (8mm)


  • Accessory

    • Height Range: 500mm – 855mm
    • Folded Dimensions: 500mm x 90mm x 70mm
    • Extended Base Width: 480mm
    • Upper Tube ⌀: 19mm
    • Middle Tube ⌀: 25mm
    • Leg ⌀: 19mm
    • Weight: 1.14kg
    • Connection Thread: M8 (8mm)