Magnetic Tip Drum Key

Magnetic Tip Drum Key

The Premier Drum Key – tuning made stylishly simple. Featuring the iconic Premier ‘P’ badge, it ensures a secure grip with its strong magnetic tip. Conveniently portable in its sleek black velvet pouch, this key effortlessly elevates your drumming experience.

Key Features

  • Cast metal drum key
  • Strong magnetic tip
  • Chrome-plated
  • Hard-wearing colour fill
  • Velvet pouch included


Discover the Premier Drum Key, your ultimate companion for effortless drum tuning. Meticulously cast and chrome-plated, this drum key proudly showcases the iconic Premier ‘P’ badge in a vibrant, hard-wearing colour fill.

Equipped with a strong magnetic tip, the Premier Drum Key ensures a secure grip on tension rods, transforming the drum tuning process into an enjoyable experience. Its weighted design is not just about aesthetics; it’s engineered for easy handling, offering a comfortable grip for drummers of all levels.

Never worry about misplacing your drum key again – the Premier Drum Key comes complete with a sleek black velvet pouch for safekeeping. Plus, its design allows for easy attachment to lanyards, keyrings or carabineer clips, ensuring your tuning tool is always accessible when needed.


  • Drum Key

    Magnetic Tip
    • Finish: Chrome with colour fill
    • Width: 54mm
    • Height: 54mm
    • Weight: 45g
    • Tip: Magnetic
    • Included: Velvet pouch