Snare Drums


Elite Snare Drums

Elite Snare Drums

Constructed from a blended 2-ply North American birch and 2-ply North American maple formula, Elite is designed to meet the needs of the professional drummer. Each snare’s thin 4.8mm build relays every nuance of your performance, making Elite a fine choice for recording sessions or the touring drummer.

Key Features

  • New blended shell formula
  • 4.8mm, 4-ply thin shell construction
  • 2-ply North American birch and 2-ply North American maple
  • 1” beech support rings
  • 45-degree precision cut bearing edge
  • Elite tension lug design
  • 2.3mm triple-flange steel hoops
  • Heavy-duty 610 snare strainer
  • 20-strand brass snare wires
  • Premier branded snare ribbon
  • Remo Coated UT drumheads
  • Premium satin, gloss lacquer and sparkle lacquer finishes


Redefined in Premier’s centennial year, the all-new Elite shell formula is the result of an extensive period of research and development. Working closely with producers, engineers and drummers, various shell thicknesses and ply combinations were experimented with. The aim, to discover a blend that produced the best sound for live situations and studio recording.

The result is a build that takes its inspiration from Premier’s revered thin shell design legacy. A 4-ply, 4.8mm construction with traditional 1” beech support rings that preserve roundness and stabilise the shell further. The plies are blended in equal measure of premium North American birch and maple – a nod towards the Gen-X hybrid shell technology pioneered by Premier.

Elite’s combination of thin construction and blended ply ensure its shells deliver a full-bodied tone with transparent high and low boosts that add weight and presence, making them instantly suited to all musical styles, whilst most importantly, still retaining their respective natural tonal qualities.

Designed and engineered for optimal performance, every feature on Elite has a unique purpose to enhance player experience. Stylish, deep chrome Elite tension lugs allow for maximum shell resonance whilst any undesirable overtones are greatly reduced by the 2.3mm triple-flange steel hoops that help to focus the shell’s natural sound.

Premier’s 610 snare mechanism offers a quick release feature, allowing you to change the snare head without altering the snare setting and tension.

The brass wires situated at the underside of Elite snare drums ensure a much brighter, warmer tone compared to their steel counterparts. Ideal for live performance, the brass snare wires ensure a long-lasting-life thanks to their anti-rust design, making them suitable for shows in all levels of humidity.

The importance of Elite finishes extends way beyond aesthetics. Each offering has its own unique benefits.

For touring drummers who spend their time on the road, the durable nature of high gloss lacquer and sparkle lacquer finishes ensure Elite drums can stand the rigours of extensive use night after night, all whilst offering a breath-taking reaction to stage and venue lighting.

Players who spend more time undertaking session work in the studio will be drawn to the satin finishes. Their un-lacquered application offers the purest tone for the ultimate, unrestricted wood shell experience.

Elite, Premier’s flagship acoustic drum kit for over 20 years, offers a complete high-level specification that is perfect for professional drummers who seek the very best in quality and sound performance.


  • 14" x 5.5"

    Snare Drum


  • 14" x 6.5"

    Snare Drum


  • 14" x 8"

    Snare Drum



  • Baby Blue (BBL)

  • Copper Sparkle (CSX)

  • Gunmetal Sparkle (GSX)

  • Rosewood Satin (ROS)

  • Walnut Satin Burst (DWS)

  • White (WHL)