Drum Mats

Drum Mats

An essential accessory for drummers who perform live, Premier Drum Mats are designed to accommodate most drum setups.

Key Features

  • Available in two sizes:
    – Large: 185 x 60cm
    – Small: 130 x 90cm
  • 2.5mm non-slip rubber backing prevents sliding on smooth surfaces
  • Heavy-duty 6.5mm thick carpet
  • Easy to clean waterproof surface


The drum mat is a must-have for any gigging drummer. With two sizes available, Premier Drum Mats are designed to accommodate most setups.

The large drum mat, with its spacious playing area of 185 x 160cm, is perfect for drummers with bigger setups. Alternatively, the small drum mat, measuring 130 x 90cm, is ideal for club, bop, and more compact drum kits.

With a thickness of 6.5mm, Premier Drum Mats are tough and perfect for regular live performances. Plus, their 2.5mm non-slip rubber backing ensures a secure grip on smooth floors.

Featuring the iconic Premier ‘P’ badge branding, the surface is waterproof, making cleaning easy with just soap and water. And thanks to its non-curling properties, Premier Drum Mats lay flat once unrolled.

Durable and versatile, Premier Drum Mats are essential for drummers who seek excellence in both performance and style.



  • Drum Mat

    • Size: 185 x 160cm
    • Weight: 8kg


  • Drum Mat

    • Size: 130 x 90cm
    • Weight: 3kg