Concert Pedal Timpani

Concert Pedal Timpani

Premier has been synonymous with top quality, specialist orchestral percussion for more than 80 years. Trusted for generations by principal percussionists in some of the world’s most famous ensembles, Premier timpani are renowned for their natural, musical timbre, unbeatable durability, and fantastic, player-friendly features.

Key Features

  • Parabolic copper bowl
  • International sizing
  • Improved pedal action
  • Angled tuning gauge
  • 2″ oversized powder-coated counterhoop
  • Premier Remo Renaissance heads
  • Retooled timpani frame
  • Precision radial rods for consistent pull and alignment
  • Large, non-slip rubber pedal
  • Height adjustable braked castors
  • Half-drop cover and tuning key included


Premier Concert pedal timpani have been precisely crafted to produce a full-bodied, organic sound. Created with orchestral playing specifically in mind, its parabolic shape focusses the internal reflections to a single point, for a more coherent and reliable tone across the entire tuning range.

Every element of the bowl’s design has been manufactured to Premier’s meticulous specification. A uniform wall thickness, and highly polished finish ensure a timbre that’s consistent, while responding to the demanding dynamic range of orchestral performances.

Practical playability is at the forefront of the Premier Concert’s design, and that begins with its tuning system. As well as an improved, smoother pedal mechanism, the Concert’s angled ‘Shield’ tuning gauge has been revised and revamped for maximum visibility and easy operation. Fed directly from the pedal, the gauge is incredibly accurate, making it ideal for high pressure scenarios.

All Concert timpani have been created to incorporate an ‘international’ range of sizes. The standard 32″, 29″, 26″, and 23″ diameter instruments produce a 9″ overall span, creating a range of tuning options, so you can always select the timpani with the ideal tone for the note you require.

Each Premier Concert timpani comes fitted with an outstanding, Remo Renaissance head. These durable, resonant skins offer impressive sensitivity, with an aluminium insert ring providing extra resilience, stability, and projecting a focussed, warm tone across the entire dynamic range of the instrument.


  • 23"

    Concert Timpani
    • Diameter: 23″ / 58cm
    • Overall Diameter: 29.5″ / 75cm
    • Depth: 85cm
    • Weight: 46kg
    • Tuning Range: C3 – A4


  • 26"

    Concert Timpani
    • Diameter: 26″ / 66cm
    • Overall Diameter: 26″ / 66cm
    • Depth: 89cm
    • Weight: 48.2kg
    • Tuning Range: A2 – F3


  • 29"

    Concert Timpani
    • Diameter: 29″ / 73.7cm
    • Overall Diameter: 35″ / 90cm
    • Depth: 93cm
    • Weight: 55.4kg
    • Tuning Range: F2 – D3


  • 32"

    Concert Timpani
    • Diameter: 32″ / 81cm
    • Overall Diameter: 38″ / 96cm
    • Depth: 96cm
    • Weight: 58.6kg
    • Tuning Range: D2 – B2