Concert Bass Drum

Concert Bass Drum

An integral instrument for any percussionist, concert band or orchestra, the Premier concert bass drum emits a rich, natural, low-end tone when struck thanks to its thin birch shell construction. Whatever the musical scenario, the concert bass drum delivers incredible projection and what feels like everlasting resonance.

Key Features

  • 36″ x 16″ all-birch shell
  • 4mm, 5-ply thin shell construction
  • 9.6mm, 12-ply support rings
  • 45-degree bearing edge
  • 14 die-cast high tension lugs
  • Individual tuning handles
  • Remo Renaissance drumheads
  • Chrome plated hardware
  • Dark walnut lacquer finish


The Premier concert bass drum offers unmatched tone, feel and response. Combining a perfectly constructed 4mm, 5-ply birch shell with Remo Renaissance drumheads, it delivers an open, natural sound with great low-end energy.

Furthermore, the thin shell construction offer immense resonance whilst the natural properties of birch make for a penetrating bass response with an articulate attack and subtle dip in the midrange – making it ideal for the highest level of performance.

To accommodate for any shift in temperature or humidity that may affect the drum’s performance, T-handle tension rods improve tuning finesse and help to make quick adjustments to pitch when necessary.

The natural earth tones of the dark walnut lacquer finish brings a touch of class to any orchestra or ensemble. This, when paired with the brilliant chrome plated die-cast hardware, provides an undeniably beautiful aesthetic that will last for years to come.


  • 36" x 16"

    Concert Bass Drum