Snare Drums


Artist Snare Drums

Artist Snare Drums

The perfect blend of style and sound, Artist snare drums feature an all-birch shell construction which ensures a dry sound with an abundance of attack and fantastic projection.

Key Features

  • All-birch shell with exotic ash outer veneer
  • 7.5mm, 6-ply shell construction
  • 45-degree bearing edge
  • New ‘Deco’ style tension lug design
  • 1.5mm triple-flange steel hoops 
  • 20-strand snare wire
  • Snare ribbon
  • Coated drumheads
  • Choice of two satin finishes


Whether gigging or recording, at the heart of every memorable drum sound is a great snare. A fantastic choice for players looking to personalise their set-up and experiment with their sound, Artist Snares are no exception, with an all-birch shell that provides a dry sound with incredible attack and projection.

The thicker shell construction of 7.5mm, 6-ply provides a level of projection that excels in small intimate venues, eliminating the need for amplification from a PA system. This complements the birch build that naturally produces beautiful attack, articulation, and weight, making each snare suitable for home recording.

All Artist snare drum mounting hardware has been designed to improve durability, enhance the sound quality, and improve the tuning range of each birch shell. Inspired by Premier’s rich heritage of creating classic snares, the restyled low-mass lugs are heavily influenced by the designs of the Art Deco movement. Not only does this enhance the aesthetic appeal of the snare, it also allows the shell to freely resonate, improving its tone and overall performance.

With the choice of four popular snare sounds, expanding your snare collection has never been easier. Whether you desire a deep snare with plenty of punch and attack for Rock and Pop, or a characterful high-pitched snare for authentic Hip-Hop and R’n’B tones, Artist snare drums allow you to further define your sound.

Not only do Artist snare drums sound great, they look the part too. The exotic ash outer veneer is available in a choice of two stunning satin finishes that provides greater flexibility by allowing you to choose a snare that will blend seamlessly with your kit, contrasting perfectly against the iconic ‘P’ badged that has adorned many drummers snares over the years.
Regardless of your drumming style, Artist snare drums are a great option to help develop your own signature sound whilst expanding your personal drum collection.


  • 13" x 7"

    Snare Drum


  • 14" x 5.5"

    Snare Drum


  • 14" x 6.5"

    Snare Drum


  • 14" x 8"

    Snare Drum



  • Black Ash Satin (BAS)

  • Natural Ash Satin (NAS)