Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find spare parts for my Premier instrument?

We are only able to offer selected spare parts for current production models. Please contact your local authorised Premier dealer or distributor for more information. After-service spares and support for discontinued Premier products is no longer possible.

I have an older Premier instrument, do you still offer spare parts for this?

We are no longer able to provide spare parts support for discontinued or vintage Premier products. We would advise searching for these parts on second-hand websites such as eBay and Reverb. If this is unsuccessful, we would also suggest joining a Facebook Premier Fan Page, the most popular being Premier Drums & Percussion. This page contains numerous fans and collectors of the brand who may have the parts you require.

How do I become an endorser?

To be considered for endorsement, we seek drummers and percussionists passionate about the Premier brand. Ideal candidates regularly use our products, have a strong affinity with the brand, a growing or established profile, solid social media presence, and strong social engagement. Additionally, an active recording and live performance history is essential. Please complete our online contact form with detailed information. Please note that due to the high volume of endorsement enquiries, we may not be able to respond to all submissions.

Are you able to identify my Premier instrument through its serial number?

Serial numbers where used on Premier instruments are not recorded. More often than not the serial numbers are simply a way for the individual to record their purchase for insurance purposes and do not relate specifically to a date or manufacturing batch.

I have an old Premier instrument, are you able to identify it?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide direct assistance to identify older Premier instruments. There are a number of dedicated websites that offer valuable resource such as where you can download old product brochures that may help you further.

I have a second-hand Premier product that I’m looking to sell, can you tell me the market value?

We are unable to provide valuations on second-hand products as there are a number of factors involved. It depends on the amount of interest in the market for the product alongside the overall quality and condition. Visit your local drum dealer who will be able to assist you with a market value or use online trading sites such as eBay to compare similar products.

Can I buy directly from Premier?

Premier products are available through our exclusive network of authorised distributors worldwide. Click here to find a dealer or distributor in your region.

Who owns Premier?

The Premier brand was acquired by Gear4music in 2021. Since then, a dedicated and passionate team have been assembled with the sole focus of creating products that reflect Premier’s long-standing values.

This team includes people who have been part of Premier’s history for several decades and who understand the brand’s DNA and legacy.