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Bob Richards Buck and Evans



Premier Drums have been in my family since the 60s. They’re undoubtedly the most beautiful looking and sounding drums and it's an honour and a privilege to be a part of this legendary company.


Having first picked up the sticks at the age of 3, Bob Richards earned his stripes playing hundreds of gigs on the South Wales club circuit, all before the age of 15 - a grounding that would come to inspire a tireless work ethic for the next 40 years.

Be it tours with the likes of Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden), MAN, Dave Edmunds or Graham Bonnet; gigs with Andy Fairweather Low, ASIA and SHY; movie title tracks for MGM (Cody Banks 2 -  Destination London) or video shoots with AC/DC (Rock or Bust / Play Ball), Bob has never been one to stand still; his use of Premier drums, (namely any one of his 6 vintage Elite series) being one of the few consistent elements.

Bob currently plays for both Buck & Evans - a hotly-tipped South Wales rock and soul quartet - and Son of MAN, an offshoot of the legendary Welsh psychedelic rock band MAN, of which he was a member for over 10 years. As of summer 2016, Son of MAN are putting the final touches on their debut album while Buck & Evans are gearing up to play the second stage at Download Festival. It may be 45 years since Bob first sat behind his Grandfather’s Premier 303 grey shimmer, but he’s not showing any signs of slowing down…


Bob owns a selection of vintage Premier kits including:

  • Oyster Blue - 20, 12, 16.
  • Grey Shimmer 303 - 22, 12, 14, 16.
  • Red Glitter Elite -  24, 14, 16, 16.
  • Silver Sparkle Elite - 26,14, 16, 18.  (additional 22, 10,12,and 13.)
  • Blue Sparkle - 24, 14, 16, 16. (additional 13.)
  • Black Elite - 26, 14, 16, 18. (additional 26, 13.)

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