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  1. Spotlight on Martin Esser

    Spotlight on Martin Esser

    With an agenda that most freelance musicians, let alone percussionists, would envy for its variety and massive exposure, Premier artist Martin Esser has become synonymous with versatility when it comes to exploring the endless possibilities of the working percussion player. 

    As principal percussionist for the musical “Tarzan” based in Hamburg, a highly successful production that will be now a “long-running-show” means Martin will be regularly performing for an indefinite period of time. Of the show, Martin says “it is a show I can play forever in, because its musical diversity makes it always a challenge to play”. 

    The end of 2011 found Martin playing in the opening ceremony of the International Automobile Fair in Frankfurt. A full symphonic piece was commissioned specially for this occasion, featuring 3 percussionists, including Martin, playing on wheeled separate stages in front of the full ensemble - not to mention the presence of acclaimed flugelhorn player, Roy Hargrove

    As a member of the “Rockorchester Ruhrgebiet”, Martin has been busy working with the prestigious public TV station WDR, filming a live performance in the FC Schalke 04 Arena “Auf Schalke” and has been also signed for many gigs at the Oktoberfest in Munich. 

    If you thought that was all, Martin still crams more work into his schedule. The summer season returns with more music, with Martin having engagements once again with the musical productions “Hairspray” and “Marie-Antoinette” in Teckelnburg’s open air theater. Other commitments include extensive work in the Stuttgart area, among them, playing percussion in the full orchestral version of the music of “Queen” with the tribute band “Queen-Kings”.

    On a more personal level, Martin is planning to launch his own company, dedicated to offer drum events and shows, along with his percussion partner Yogi Jockusch. Last, but definitely not least, Martin will be building up his new recording studio in a recently renovated historic grain storehouse.

  2. Premier bands to play Pipes of Peace concert

    5 March 2012

    Field Marshal Montgomery and Dowco Triumph Street Pipe Band to perform in August at concert.

  3. World class tuition from Drum Scotland

    2 March 2012

    Simon Grant, principle tutor for Drum Scotland, chooses Premier.

  4. Olly Betts tour news

    2 March 2012

    The Duke Spirit on tour across Europe throughout March to support their latest album release.

  5. Tredegar win Welsh Open title

    21 February 2012

    Tredegar claim the magnificent CISWO Challenge Cup for a record tenth time.

Showing 71-75 of 112 News articles

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