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Q&A: Jamie Morrison

Q&A: Jamie Morrison

Jamie Morrison was a founding member of the UK pop band the Noisettes and has gone on to play with some of the UK's leading artists including Duffy and Rebecca Ferguson. Jamie is now the drummer with the Stereophonics who will be embarking on a series of small dates across the UK before Christmas.

What is your earliest memory of drumming?
It was of course tapping on tables and pot and pans as a little one. 

What was your most embarrassing moment behind a drum kit?
I fell off a stage, that was embarrassing, I also fainted on stage the first time I played Coachella, woke up naked in a dressing room covered in ice, very embarrassing. 

Who would you consider your favourite or most influential drummer, teacher or otherwise and why? 

Andy Gangadeen, a forward thinking human being. 

What would you consider the most defining moment in your career?
My first number one record, it all changed after that 

What’s your current equipment set-up and why do you choose it? 

I think a lot of girls and guys would say the same thing here but as a rule I taylor make something special for everyone i play with, I have enough Premier drums now to have them all tuned completely different so I can get any sound I like with ease. 

Which drummers would you invite to your dream dinner party? 

Andy Gangadeen, Mark Mondesir, Steve White, Keith Le Blanc, George Frederick - all the people who have helped me, supported me and passed on their wisdom. 

What are your plans over the coming months? 

Following my song writing and production duties over the summer I have played in shows all over the world with "I Blame Coco" (Sting's daughter), X Factors Rebbecca Ferguson and an incredible emerging artist named "Birdy". I also do an amazing bi monthly show of improvised music to classic silent movies at Kings College in London called "Not So Silent Movies". I took over this show from Evelyn Glennie. I am also now the full time drummer for the Stereophonics.

What are your feelings about the music industry in general? 

The music industry is now more than ever just like the wild west back in the day, you make your own rules, it's a hussle but it can be very thrilling.

What is the most important advice you would give to an aspiring drummer? 

Don't just be a drummer, be a musician. I would say learning a melodic instrument will put you miles ahead of most other drummers. Also make sure you have a good lawyer.



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