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Premier launches its new APK Heritage video

Premier launches its new APK Heritage video

We are proud to introduce the new APK Heritage Microbop 16 video.

Presented by our own product ambassador Craig Blundell, the video demonstrates not only the big sound from this portable kit, but the diverse musical range delivered by this all-birch kit. 


The APK Heritage Microbop 16 is a 6-ply, 100% birch kit and comes with wood hoops, matching wooden snare drum, die-cast claw hooks and a bass drum riser. 

It is offered as a 10" x 7" short stack tom, 13" x 13" floor tom, 16" x 14" bass drum and a 13" x 5.5" snare drum and is available in four metallic wrap finishes.

For more information visit your local Premier dealer.

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