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Premier and Universal Percussion team up for success in the USA

Premier and Universal Percussion team up for success in the USA

Premier’s history of quality and innovation has its roots in the early days of drumset production. Generations of UK drummers have aspired to a Premier kit…and those aspirations went world-wide when legendary Who drummer Keith Moon displayed his ferocious drumming style on ever-expanding sets of Premier drums in the 1960s and ’70s.

From those days to this, Premier has maintained its high profile and popularity in Europe, Asia, and other markets around the globe. Now, thanks to Universal Percussion - America’s largest distributor exclusively of percussion products - Premier is now poised to reassert its position as an ultra-desirable brand line in retail music and drum shops across the United States.

The introduction of Premier drums will begin with a display of kits at Universal’s booth at the NAMM Winter Market, America’s largest musical-instrument trade show, which will take place in Anaheim, California this coming January. The launch will showcase high-end Premier Series Elite and Classic kits, as well as mid-price Genista models, to be followed later in the year by lower-priced kits.

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