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Premier artist interview: Pat Lundy (Modestep)

Premier artist interview: Pat Lundy (Modestep)

Modestep are a dubstep and electronic rock band from London. In support of their second album 'London Road', the band will be performing at festivals around the world over the coming months including Glastonbury, Summer Sonic (Japan) and Leeds/Reading. We chatted to Premier artist Pat Lundy ahead of Modestep's appearance at Download this weekend.

What’s your earliest memory of drumming?

Watching my dad's drummer playing at the Rising Sun pub in Wembley.

How has your style changed over the years?

I've gone from being fixated on how many beats I can play in one measure to how easily I can slip inside the pocket of a nice groove.

Which drummer do you most admire?

Ash Soan - I've been obsessed with him recently. It's as though his kit is rigged to ultimate smoothness.

Talk us though your kit set-up.

I have a lovely Premier Elite kit: 20"x20" rack, 12"x7" and 16"x7" toms, plus a 16"x14" floor tom. I have a 14" One Series snare as well with a 5.5" depth - it's the most regal sounding drum I've ever hit. It demands respect. I also use a variety of Roland electronics to control midi sounds live.

What can we expect from Modestep this weekend at Download?

The most bass. By a mile.

Are there particular things you do to warm up before you go onstage?

Running through a number of rudiments I've been playing that week, finger stretches and smoking.

It's a busy couple of months of festivals, which one are you looking forward to the most?

Glastonbury, see ya on the telly, mum!

Finally how do you like to spend your downtime?

Chillin' with instruments and my mates. I'm a geek so I'm usually thinking about playing drums when i'm not playing drums.


Modestep will be appearing at Download on the Zippo Encore Stage, 12th June 2015.

Order Modestep's new album 'London Road' now:

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