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New turnbuckle orchestral bass drum

New turnbuckle orchestral bass drum

Premier's famous orchestral bass drum, part of the Orchestral Series instruments, now has the added option of the turnbuckle system, a unique and revolutionary tensioning method.

The system which is used in our marching Professional Series, has opened a whole new range of possibilities within the orchestral field. As each of the turnbuckles are adjusted or tensioned, both drumheads tension simultaneously, providing unrestricted resonance and a full fundamental note.

Premier is the only manufacturer to offer truly free-floating shells on bass drums allowing the instrument to perform at its maximum capabilities, with a tensioning system that is quick and easy to set-up.

Available in three high gloss lacquer finishes: Dark Walnut Lacquer (DW), Ebony Lacquer (EBC) or Ivory White Lacquer (IWC), the Orchestral Series bass drum will amaze you with its beautiful tone and sound.

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