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Kidsgrove Scouts success at DCA World Championships

Kidsgrove Scouts success at DCA World Championships

The Kidsgrove Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps from Kidsgrove, England arrived in the USA on Tuesday 24th August to participate in the final leg of the 2010 Drum Corps Associates tour.

The Scouts first USA performance was in the DCA Fanfare 2010 which took place at the Kennedy Stadium, Bridgeport, NY and culminated at the DCA World Championships held on Saturday 5th September at the Rochester Rhinos Stadium, Rochester NY. The corps achieved the highest ever placing by a European corps finishing sixth overall in the DCA Open Class with a score of 90.413 and taking home the 2010 DCA International Champions award. Members of the corps also took away silver and gold Medals in this years individual and ensemble competition. Kidsgrove are now returning to the UK to compete in the Drum Corps UK Championships and traveling to Holland in late September to participate in the Drum Corps Europe Championships. The Scouts, who are reigning DCUK champions, are celebrating 100 years in 2010 with their competitive program entitled ‘Heist of the Century’.

"We are really impressed with the Premier drums and excited about the developments that have taken place during our relationship with Premier; we are looking forward to being a part of the Premier family for years to come." comments Percussion Caption Head James Moore. "Modern marching ensembles demand performance from their instruments, and by understanding this concept and offering a host of exclusive features that have been engineered specifically to meet these demands. Premier's Revolution Series provides unparalleled performance and functionality together with ultimate durability and stylish presence for the Scouts, both on and off the field."

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