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'Emerald Green' lacquer pipe band drums

'Emerald Green' lacquer pipe band drums

Great Lakes Scottish Supply, Premier's specialist pipe band distributor in the USA is offering the HTS 800 in Diamond Chrome in all four standard colours, plus the exclusive Emerald Green lacquer for immediate purchase and shipment directly from stock. This beautiful high gloss emerald green wood grain lacquer finish could be perfect to celebrate St Patrick's Day or match a green uniform and is currently exclusively available through Great Lakes.

In addition Great Lakes is also offering directly from their stock the new Revolution Series pipe band tenor and bass drums in the four standard colours, plus the unique Emerald Green.

Revolution series utilises Premier's unique TDT technology; a low mass, low contact tension lug design that provides minimal shell contact and greater resonance, allowing the shell to speak clearly. The innovative design diffuses focused tension over a greater area, relieves stress to both lug and shell and reduces the overall weight of the instrument.

The Revolution Series pipe band bass drum features a classic supported shell and offers a wonderful rich, true tone and musical blend that complements perfectly the other voices in the drum corps, and available in a good range of sizes, Revolution Series tenors offer a flexible tuning range and contemporary look for your mid-section. 

“There's been a lot of Premier to unpack and photograph! HTS 800s with chrome just arrived, along with a whole selection of Emerald Green product plus Revolution style bass and tenor drums. It's a great time to shop for new drums. We can ship entire corps, right from stock!” states Meridith Falconer of Great Lakes.

To order or locate your nearest retailer contact:

(Premier distributor for pipe band products only)
PO Box 382
MI 49610

Tel: 231 932 7142
Toll Free (USA only): 1 866 932 9010
Fax: 231 932 7174

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