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Premier welcomes Craig Blundell to its family

Premier welcomes Craig Blundell to its family

Premier’s history of quality and innovation has its roots in the early days of drum set production. Generations of UK drummers have aspired to a Premier kit and those aspirations went worldwide when legendary “The Who” drummer Keith Moon displayed his ferocious drumming style on ever-expanding sets of Premier drums in the 1960s and ’70s. Today, Premier is proud to welcome Craig Blundell to its legendary history and he joins the family as an International Ambassador and Clinician.

For over 30 years, Craig has dedicated hour upon hour studying his trade and has gradually built up his profile and reputation over the last few years as a true ambassador for British drumming on the international scene, carving his own unique path to become one of the very best drum clinicians and educators in modern day drumming. Aside from his many credits as a drummer and producer, Craig is renowned for pushing the boundaries of time, experimenting with odd time signatures and his amazing use of technology. His clinic style, performances and level of entertainment have received rave reviews in the media all over the world. 

He is always in high demand worldwide to perform live or record with well-known artists spanning different genres. Aside from international commitments Craig is also a very well respected educator and can be seen playing and lecturing at colleges, universities and drum camps on his experience in the industry and the power of self motivation. He has a hugely successful teaching studio, which produces some fine talent month after month and continues to grow. He is a regular contributor to magazines and his his monthly column in Drummer magazine has many readers because of his unique perspective and positivity it brings within it. 

In more recent times Craig has branched out into writing and remixing for labels, companies, radio and media adverts under the name of Dr oKtopUs and can regularly be seen wowing audiences through an incredible Dj set featuring his own unique perspective using groundbreaking technology. In 2010 the very first Dr oKtopUS album, “oNe” was launched to wide acclaim in the music industry and has a very large following globally. Off the back of this, Craig launched his “Electronica Groove Challenge” in March of 2011, which is an innovative teaching aid for students and teachers of all levels that is growing with users every day. 

Craig is a real innovator of his trade and continues to push the boundaries of his instrument with his relentless workload and amazing creativity. He is a master of musical technology, using samplers, effects and loopstations to the absolute max in his aclaimed clinics. His tireless infectious energy and need to help others makes him one of the most respected players and educators in the industry and continues to reinvent himself year after year with new ideas and ways of pushing himself; always trying to raise his own standards. 

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