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The Highwaymen



The Highwayman are proud to use the Premier Revolution Series not only because of it distinctive drums corps sound, superb build quality and outstanding finish but also because of Premier's long and distinguished history.


Please tell us a little about yourself and the Highwaymen.

We’re all drummers in Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Corps of Drums and we have guys who have served between 3 and 20 years. Our ages range from 20 to 35 years old. 

As a professional drummer in the Royal Marines, how do you manage your ‘day job’, military commitments and membership of the Highwaymen?

While service commitments will always come first we still find time to compose, arrange and rehearse The Highwaymen in our spare time. This can be in the evening or on the bus on our way to a concert as Royal Marines. We’re very lucky as the skills and discipline used in our day job also benefits us as our alter egos when performing as The Highwaymen.

What was it about marching drumming that attracts you to it instead of rock or jazz drumming?

We all came from a marching band background so joined the Royal Marines as the Corps of Drums are world renowned for what they do and are regarded as one of the best military drum corps in the world.

Who would you consider your favorite or most influential percussionists, marching or otherwise and why?

Obviously we’d have to say Top Secret Drum Corps who we worked with in Australia and Basel last year. They’re an inspiration to us due to their style, energy, discipline and overall entertainment.

Having also started off in the Royal Marines Corps of Drums and now being a world renowned drummer, Craig Blundell is hugely inspirational to The Highwaymen because of his drive, enthusiasm and his ability to keep pushing the boundaries.

Which events would you consider ‘defining’ moments in your career and why?

As Royal Marines drummers we’ve had the privilege to play in many different countries  around the world such as Australia, Japan, Dubai & USA to name but a few.

With The Highwaymen our defining moment has to be our Britain’s Got Talent audition. The reception we got off the live audience was phenomenal and to make B.G.T history was an added bonus. 

What’s your current corps set up and why do you choose it?

The Highwaymen currently playing 10 Premier Revolution side drums with a black finish and powdered coated fittings. Our bass line consists of five Revolution bass drums sized 18”, 20”, 22”, 24” and 26”. Our stick of choice is the Premier White Label stick.

What are your plans during the coming months?

We’re on The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo all through August with the Royal Marines. As The Highwaymen we’re opening Drumming For Drinks in Glasgow at Todd’s Bar. We’ll also be at the Premier Stand during the World Pipe Band Championships. There will be various appearances throughout the year at numerous corporate and charity gigs too.

What are your feelings about the future of marching drumming in general? 

Drumming in the world of marching bands is as strong as ever with some great pipe bands and a strong youth element. The Highwaymen’s aim is to “Promote, Educate, Inspire & Entertain”.  

Do you have any advice for aspiring drummers out there? 

Practice, Practice Practice! Learn your rudiments, they are the bread and butter of all drumming.

Is there anything else you would like to add? 

The Highwaymen would like to take this opportunity to thank Premier for the partnership and look forward together as the British company enters its 90th year of producing top class products.



  • 38214 (x10)
    14’’ x 12’’ Revolution Series Marching Snare Drum


  • 38418
    18’’ x 14’’ Revolution Series Bass Drum
  • 38420
    20" x 14" Revolution Series Bass Drum
  • 38422
    22" x 14" Revolution Series Bass Drum
  • 38424
    24" x 14" Revolution Series Bass Drum
  • 38426
    26" x 14" Revolution Series Bass Drum


  • Ebony Black Lacquer (EBC)

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