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St. Laurence O'Toole Pipe Band

st laurence otoole


The band's philosophy is to compete at the highest level. To do so, we require drums that can deliver that little bit extra. For us, there is only once choice, Premier.


Founded in Dublin, Ireland in 1910 and based in the suburb of Tallaght, Co. Dublin. The band features regularly in the Grade One top six prize list at the major pipe band championships including the European, British, Scottish, Cowal and World Championships and has a current membership including players from Ireland, Scotland, England, Canada and South Africa.

The band has enjoyed a tremendous and successful competitive season in 2010 and played a sell-out concert at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. The drum corps is lead by Drum Sergeant Stephen Creighton, and the pipe corps by Pipe Major Terry Tully.



  • 0800SPX-C (x14)
    14" x 12" HTS 800

Tenor and Bass Drums:

  • 396512SPX (x2)
    15’’ x 12’’ Professional Series Tenor Drum
  • 396612SPX
    16’’ x 12’’ Professional Series Tenor Drum
  • 396814SPX (x2)
    18’’ x 14’’ Professional Series Tenor Drum
  • 397014SPX (x2)
    20’’ x 14’’ Professional Series Tenor Drum
  • 398818SPX
    28’’ x 18’’ Professional Series Bass Drum


  • Amethyst Sparkle Fade Lacquer (AXBF) with Diamond Chrome hardware

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