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Maxi Ian Brown



And it all starts with a dream, a pair of sticks and a Premier kit (it doesn’t have to be red though).


Rob’s passion for music started when he was 5 years of age and he grew up in a house where music was played all the time. His father was always playing 60’s rock and his Mum would always play Stevie Wonder at full blast whilst doing her cleaning.

No one in his family had ever tried an instrument so his parents were a little unsure when Rob said he wanted to play guitar. His Mum pointed out that Drums made far more sense as he was always tapping on everything (Still his worst habit) and during a holiday trip his parents took him to a drum shop where he saw the Holy Grail…… 18 piece, double bass drum, bright red Premier kit. He was transfixed and it made up my mind.
At the age of 15 Rob’s world changed and new things began to happen with bands such as the Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses emerging onto the scene and to be in Manchester at the time was unreal. All Rob wanted to do was to be in a band and be part of that scene so armed with a love of Hip Hop beats and Funky grooves he joined a band called the “Sugar Merchants” and by the age of 19 was signed.
“Sugar Merchants were quickly dropped by their record company but with strong determination the band renamed themselves “Audioweb” and proceeded to gig relentlessly until they secured another deal.
They went on to record two albums and toured the world. It was the mid 90’s by then and Britpop ruled. The band had some amazing times, one highlight supporting U2 around Europe ending with 2 nights at Wembley stadium. By the time the millennium came the bubble had burst and the band found themselves on the scrapheap. The band decided split and Rob joined a band with Paul Banks from Shed 7. In early 2001 Rob got the call to join Ian Browns band and jumped at the chance.
10 years down the line Rob enjoys every moment he has spent working with Ian. It’s come full circle, from wanting to be part of the scene, to playing songs on stage that Rob played in his bedroom bedroom. However, being in a band, touring and playing drums is one of the biggest trills in life and he loves it.


Artist Series Maple in Custom Camouflage Wrap

  • 12" Rack Tom
  • 14" Floor Tom
  • 20" Bass Drum

Modern Classic

  • 14" x 5.5" Brass Snare Drum

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