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Matt Helders Arctic Monkeys


I grew up playing Premier at school and was very honoured to become part of the elite band of Premier endorsers. They are truly great sounding drums.


Matt Helders was born in Sheffield (England) and formed the highly successful band “Arctic Monkeys” with his friends Alex Turner, Jamie Cook and Andrew Nicholson. Matt ended up playing drums as that was the only instrument left when they started the band.

The band rose to fame with an international breakthrough in 2006, after gigging around the UK for some years.

Matt’s influences stem from rap music right through to Queens of the Stone Age and even cites this band as the biggest influence on his development as a drummer. He has remained true to his hometown roots, suggesting that seeing places all over the world makes him more appreciative of Sheffield, which still provides the basis for a lot of the band's lyrics. His distinctive backing vocals can be heard on tracks such as “You probably couldn't see for the lights, but you were staring straight at me”, “D is for Dangerous” and “Teddy Picker”. 

As well as his drumming and vocal talents, Matt often does cameos in the band's music videos and in Paul Fraser's “Scummy Man” (2006), a short film based on the Arctic Monkey's number 1 hit "When the sun goes down", where he plays a young man on his way home from a band practice who turns down a lady of the night offering him her services. He also appears in the music video for the song.

Matt Helders ia a drummer of many talents.


Premier Series Elite in Custom Union Flag Finish

  • 14" x 9" Birch Tom
  • 18" x 16" Birch Floor Tom
  • 24" x 14" Gen-X Bass Drum
  • 14" x 6.5" Maple Snare Drum
  • 14" x 6.5" Hammered Brass Modern Classic Snare

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