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Thank you Premier for the support and belief from the start - the sound, feel, finish and functionality is something Complete will appreciate for many years to come. 


Complete is Norway's first and only drumline of its kind. Since its establishment in 2007 regular exercises have been held in the King's Guard's Camp Huseby in Oslo.

The members have all served as drummers in His Majesty the King's Guard's Music and Drill team, and their display show mixes precision and creativity into a unique experience for your eyes and ears.

Complete creates individual shows and are happy to adjust their performance according to your request. No venue is too large and no audience too small.

Complete has performed both nationally and internationally with famous artists and for large companies, and is always in search of new collaborations with creative artists and performers.

Please tell us a little about the Complete Drum Corps.

Complete started the journey as a new established drumline in 2007. After some years on fine tuning our show concept, we are now performing all across Norway. The Complete experience is packed with both movement and drumming, synced to a soundtrack that is composed exclusively for our show. We have also performed with some of Norway's most recognised artists such as Kaizers Orchestra, LidoLido and Erik&Kriss. All of the mentioned broadcasted on national TV in Norway.

As a professional marching drummer, do you have a ‘day job’ and how does this affect your membership of Complete?

We all have “day jobs” and that off course has some effect on the time and effort we are able to put in. With that said we have all served in The Norwegian King's Guards Band. We know what it takes to reach the goals we set. With the right focus and the right mind-set we are always able to stretch our goals.

How and when did you get into marching drumming?

Norway has many school bands, and we have all grown up drumming in different bands across the country. Similar is that we have all served one year in the Norwegian King's Guards Band, being one of the world's best when it comes to marching and precision drill.

What was it about marching drumming that attracts you to it instead of rock or jazz drumming?

The one does not exclude the other. We have several members performing with both rock, jazz and funk bands. But what is unlike about marching drumming is that it pushes you to fine tune both your timing and technique and that will always be a big advantage when playing the drums.

Who would you consider your favorite or most influential percussionists, marching or otherwise and why?

We are always on the search for new influences. Top Secret Drum Corps are our idols when it comes to big displays on large fields and also when it comes to synced movements in-line. Of course we all have a lot of influence from the year training and drumming for H.M the King's Guard. We really learned how to think big, and what to have in mind when we are putting together visual ideas. For beats we often turn to modern pop music to find simple but really catchy riffs like Timbalands "Give It To Me" or Robin Thickes "Blurred Lines". We are always trying to crack new codes on how to make the real simple beats make people move to the music.

Which events would you consider ‘defining’ moments in your career and why?

When Complete got to perform with Kaizers Orchestra in 2011 it was a mental shift for us. When we could play with one of all time biggest Norwegian rock bands at a festival with 85000 visitors, we could really do anything.

What’s your current corps set-up and why do you choose it?

We currently have 10 Revolution 14"x12" snares with the awesome Diamond Chrome, and five bass drums (18", 20", 24", 26" and 30"). For practice we use the same set up, just in the previous model. As we are doing large theatrical shows in front, within and around our audience, we need the snares to pop and the basses to boom. The projection from the Revolution snares really is something. Even cross sticking on the rim alone is sounding huge. We went for a selection of bass drum sizes from 18" to 30" dropping out the smallest ones and the largest. For us, the basses have to sound big even when high tuned, and they have to look big, but still they shouldn't be to large for running, acting and moving around with.

What are your plans during the coming months?

We just performed at the national celebration of the Norwegian constitution for 200 years, and we have different events booked in the calendar. But, in the event business where we do most of our performances, nothings planned for a while, so who knows what will come up.

What are your feelings about the future of marching drumming in general? 

In the Scandinavian countries the marching drumming including tuned bass drums and high-tension snares are still new. And Complete are really trying to bring new concepts for drummers to the stage and are looking forward to the continuing growth in marching drumming.

Do you have any advice for aspiring drummers out there? 

Always keep your focus on the details and never stop having fun.  

Is there anything else you would like to add? 

Thank you Premier, for the support and belief from the start. And thank you for making great drums such as the Revolution Series. The sound, feel, finish and functionality is something Complete will appreciate for many years to come. 



  • 38214-C (x10)
    14"x12" Revolution Marching Snare in Diamond Chrome


  • 38418
    18"x14" Revolution Series Bass Drum
  • 38420
    20"x14" Revolution Series Bass Drum
  • 38424
    24"x14" Revolution Series Bass Drum
  • 38426
    26"x14" Revolution Series Bass Drum
  • 38630
    30"x16" Revolution Series Bass Drum

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