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Andrew 'Wilkie' Wilkinson Charli XCX

andrew wilkinson


My first kit was an 8th or 9th hand bright red Premier Olympic kit, as soon as I hit it I was addicted, there was no other make in mind after that, and to play under the same house as Keith Moon is ridiculous!


I got hooked on drums when a local drum teacher came into my school to round up some students and showed us what drumming was by getting a samba groove going on this make shift kit he had brought in his car. The bass drum was an old marching drum, and inside it was loads of percussion which he got us to finish the groove. I was hooked. I got a teacher soon after that and got him to teach me anything and everything, from The Police or Nirvana to Bob Marley or Gene Krupa

When i moved down to London i met Ben Hudson who was starting up a band with a sound based on hip hop drums, Bowie singing and everything else in between. He wanted someone to play like a loop, but with the spirit of a live drummer and someone that had gear! I've pulled bits of what i was taught into his grooves, and as a drummer himself we agree on tight clipped punk drums, and massive sounding Phil Collins snares, so we try and bring those into the live shows.



Premier Series Elite 

  • 13" x 9" Maple Tom
  • 16" x 14" Maple Short Floor Tom
  • 24" x 18" Maple Bass Drum
  • 14" x 6.5" Maple Snare Drum

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